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As the Industry Leader in bringing large crowds, we not only bring the people but we bring your target audience who creates the demand to drive your business into success, overall benefiting the bottom line. Reach new customers from 18+ yrs old who are demanding your product, build brand loyalty as well educate on the benefits of your product vs the competitor.

What’s included in a 10×10 booth?

10×10 space, 6 vendor passes, 1 canopy, 1 table, 2 chairs, 1 parking pass.

How do I purchase a 10×20,20×20 booth?


What’s included in a 10×20?

10×20 space, 12 vendor passes, 1 canopy, 2 tables, 4 chairs, 2 parking passes.

What’s included in a 20×20 booth?

20×20 space, 24 vendor passes, 20×20 tent, 1 canopy, 8 tables, 16 chairs, 4 parking passes.

When is check-in?

Friday, March 23th @ 12:00 pm (noon).

What time can vendors arrive?

Vendors can arrive at 9:00 am (noon) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

What are the event hours?

12pm – 10pm Sat & Sun. Friday hours T.B.A.

I reserved my booth, now what?

An Abra-Ca-Dabs team member will be contacting you within one business day vie email.

Can I share a booth?


Are AbraCaDabs Vendor tickets refundable?

No, Vendor tickets are not refundable. Event is rain or shine.