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You, as a potential vendor, may be asking yourself, “Why ABRA-CA-DABS FESTIVAL?” As the Industry Leader in bringing large crowds, we not only bring the people but we bring your target audience who creates the demand to drive your business into success, overall benefiting the bottom line. Reach new customers from 18+ yrs old who are demanding your product, build brand loyalty as well educate on the benefits of your product vs the competitor. 

With so many competitors and China counterfeiting products, this is key to your success. Don’t rely on retailers to educate the importance of your product. Your team is vital to the success of your company by directly penetrating the consumers who create demand overall, leading to a successful company in today’s competitive market. If you are still asking yourself the question “Why?”, the answer is easy; ABRACADABS FESTIVAL gives you every opportunity available to increase your bottom line. Reserve your booth today and take advantage of early bird pricing!